Book Review: Soft Skills by John Sonmez

Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual by J. Sonmez is a book that contains all you need to succeed in Life as a person. Although, it reads “software developer’s life manual”, this book is for everyone(developer’s and non-developer’s alike). It contains good advice on career, personal branding & marketing yourself as a software developer, learning and productivity tips, how to manage your finances, negotiate salary, stay fit and keeping yourself in the right frame of mind to be productive & succeed, and also love and relationship.The sections I enjoyed the most is the career and marketing section.

The career section talks about making plans for your future, how to set goals and attain them. You get to know about the different employment options available and how to pick your choice, and choose the kind of software developer you want to be. You get to know how to be professional and move up the corporate ladder. It talks about how to quit your job, go freelance and/or create your first product.

The marketing section has tips on marketing yourself as a software developer, personal branding, and a lot more. You get tips on how to go about public speaking and building a successful blog.

Having said little about this book, there is a lot more to it which my few words in this post could not express. But, I’ll encourage you to grab a copy and read. It’s worth every penny you spend getting it. Enjoy!


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