My name is Peter Mbanugo. I’m a software developer with the passion for delivering quality software that is easy to use, maintainable, and extensible. My primary role is on back-end programming, which majorly revolves around implementing business rules and processes in code. I love teamwork and love working with teams where everyone learns and grows together, understand a team member’s weakness and help strengthen it. I love to learn new things, best practices and in my free time, I play football or tennis. I strive to continuously improve my skills and learn new things every day, and this desire to learn, lead me towards starting the Nigeria Pluralsight Study Group, where we meet monthly to learn new technologies, frameworks, patterns and best practices.

I’m interested in clean-code, software architecture, security and offline first.

With a passion for learning and helping/contributing to the developer community,  and an attempt to document my adventures with computers and the internet, I’ll be writing about how different software technology, tools and frameworks has helped me and how you can use it in your projects. You can

You can find me on twitter, or connect on LinkedInCodementor Book session on Codementor, or on HackHands


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